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A Rose By Any Other Name... [userpic]

Here I come a-wassailing mother*****s!

December 17th, 2006 (10:07 am)

Got back to my sweet Indiana home on Wednesday and have been blissed out ever since. My puppy dogs have been beside themselves since my mom and I returned home at almost the same time, they've been doing bouncy happy things and nibbling on my feet. My mother told me that when I left Sophie would sit on my bed and mope..."They say she's gone to Mexico. I think that means she's dead."
I had family obligations yesterday and Friday but now I plan to start calling up friends. I will be at the game on Sunday that drydem is at...cuz, well, I'm a gaming groupie. And seeing how social circles do funny criss crosses in Bloomington, I imagine I will see people i know.
By the way, one of my relatives gave us and ungodly amount of peanut brittle, which my family doesn't like, so if anyone in my vincinity wants a sack of peanut brittle, it's yours.
When I was little I used to think the song went, "Here we come a-waffling" because I didn't know what wassail was. So....to all my friends...
"Love and joy come to you, and to youand to you your waffles too."

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Musings from Amelia

December 11th, 2006 (06:39 pm)

Thinking about methods of prognostication and how even though I am skeptical of any form of divination, I find myself leaning towards certain ones more than others. I think my preferences come down to which ones seems more evident than others. Like, astrology: the stars are there at night, they twinkle and winkle and show you where North is so they must be pretty smart. So astrology is not that great a leap to make. Palmistry, well your hands are always in front of you, and they do say a lot about you, and every one is individual...so I can get behind palmistry. Chinese fortune cookies are bit of a stretch...I don`t know anything about the guy who put the piece of paper in the baked dough, but I like cookies and I`m easily bribed, so I`ll get on the wagon. But reading chicken entrails? Where the hell did we get that idea? Chickens, frankly, are not that bright when alive and I doubt death hikes up their intellect. So why did some person in the past one day say, hey, that squawky thing, I bet if we squish it, it`s organs will foretell if the king will ever get off his ass and go do some pillaging and bring some revenue in. I`d have to to look at a chicken for a long, long time for that idea to occur to me. Maybe there was just some priest who really hated chickens.

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Got an apartment...am still really, really bored

December 10th, 2006 (06:13 pm)

chose the apartment slightly nearer to the university and with the Mexican roommate...this is what decided me A)Lilia is really nice B) I would get internet
C)I found out I would still live in walking distance of Alicia D)the apartment is really, really nice and slightly cheaper

So I get to move in on Monday, when I give Lili my deposit. Wheeee!
So now that my life is all in place, I have gotten very bored, no class, no work, no projects, and I can´t spend money, so no going out. grrrrrr....
I ended breaking down and seeing Guadalupe the movie yesterday...so disappointing, instead of making a complex movie about a complex figure, they went the easy route and made an afterschool special. And they did a whole smart vs. spiritual thing I was not fond of. And the indigenous characters were portrayed as stupid and childish. And they rather snidely implied that after the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared and the various native groups converted to Catholicism the Spanish stopped killing people in such drastic numbers...which is so not true.
One of many reasons I really like the figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe is the complexity and the syncretism and the way in the which the story expresses identity and history and the notion of faith...and the idea that even in the midst of truly horrible things people find a way to go on and have faith in something good...the movie turned all this into a yay, rah evangelism fest with no substance.
And it went back to the whole, faith = unquestioning belief, which , frankly, is getting a little old and I think is a narrow view of religious faith.
I like the definition of faith by the theologian Marcus Borg, who talks about faith as a willingness to have an ongoing conversation with ideas and to not give up on that conversation...

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Advice please!

December 5th, 2006 (12:04 pm)

I am seeing two different apartments which have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Apartment 1:
Advantages: near enough to walk to my workplace, which saves me about a dollar a day in bus fare, which does add up, and means I could also walk to the gym and the library to check my email whenever I want, near those are on campus. I would be sharing an apartment with a Mexican young woman, which would be very good for my Spanish.

Disdvantages: I don`t know this person at all, so it`s a leap of faith to jump into being roomates. I`ve been rather lonely, not knowing anyone and it`s been hard to make friends... which bring me the the advantages of Apartment 2

Apartment 2:

Advantages: woudl be sharing with Alicia, a girl Ipve met and get along well with with, though we are still just aquaintances. She is very sociable, would be having a lot of people over, which I would like , cuz I want to meet more people.

Disadvantages: I really, really want to improve my Spanish and since she`s American (though she speaks good Spanish) it is inevitable that we will be speaking English at home. The apartment is a bus ride away, though it is near the movie theatre and grocery store.

Part of me says, you came here primarily to learn Spanish, so go for the environment that will help you...but loneliness sucks too, and I would like to meet more people to socialize with...but I would like to be near work cuz communicating by bus gets old.
Any advice?

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December 3rd, 2006 (06:15 pm)

Found a bridal store in which everything was made of hemp. But the designs weren´t hippy-girl, they were still big poufy wedding dresses. It was so odd, like Berkeley does Bride Magazine.
They were hemp 1rst communion dresses and men´s formal wear too.
Also saw Pretty in Pink in Spanish, aka, "Chica de Rosa" that was even more trippy.
Ate a quesadilla and took a nap. That was the extent of my productivity today.

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Rather bored and waiting to go home

December 2nd, 2006 (07:27 pm)

Just missing my friends. Sigh.


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Okay, I thought I had posted this but apparently I didn`t

November 30th, 2006 (02:11 pm)

So, I realized that I have been formulating a general plan for my future but had not told anyone, just formulating it in my own twisted cauldron of a mind. Then I would refer to said plan and confuse people.
Now that I have a job here, I plan on teaching until June 15th, when the semester here ends, while researching grad schools in anthro. Then I plan on going back to Indiana, working there for a year, hopefully doing something Spanish language related, maybe also volunteering for the Democrats and working with public ESL/immigrant education programs cuz I`m into that. And writing earnestly wheedling essays to convice a grad program to let me in. My ultimate plan is to teach social science at a university and possibly run exchange program or a service learning ESL thing on the side. And have large instituation fund my thinking and writing. And wear a lot of black to show how profound I am. Also interested in contributing to research for the greater good of humanity, blah, blah blah...there are a lot of anthro folks who do work for think tanks and governmental and NGO groups.
I just realized how much I really love social sciences in general and anthropology in particular. and I really like teaching. and I like universities. So that`s my plan.
I just finished my classes for the semester, kicked some ass in my grammar exam, which I am quite proud of. In retrospect, the UAG grammar classes are pretty good, they go deeper than my Earlham classes, and get into regional variation, which I like cuz I`m a language geek.
I`ll be here in G-town for two more weeks, starting the work visa process (funfunfun) and looking for an apartment.
The Chivas (Guadalajara soccer team) and Las Amèricas (Mexico City soccer team) are playing each other today, they are big rivals so it is a huge game and everyone is going nuts, I plan on watching it on TV.
I finally found Chivas gear that doesn`t say "Bimbo" on it, Bimbo breads is their sponser, so all the jerseys have a large red insignia elegantly sating BIMBO on them.
And cuz I was bored...

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

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In which our heroine climbs pyramids and strolls along the Avenue of the Dead

November 25th, 2006 (06:16 pm)

It was wicked cool.
Climbed all the way up the pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon and chilled in the Palace of Quetzecoatl and was offered big pink glass things by venders about 43 times. And did it all in very good company:-)
Also found out thata type of pet/laboring dog used by the native Jaliscans was "eaten by the Spanish to extinction" Wow. Never mind slavery, forced conversion and lisping, eating your pets to extinction would really, really suck.
There were chanting New Age folk on the Pyramid of the Moon and the venders offered a bizarre chile covered gummi worm snack called....Squinkles!
I am going to have to get some before leaving Mexico. Squinkles I mean, not New Age chanting folk. We have an ample supply in B-town.
Good times.

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Squinchy plumed guys, anthropomorphic objects

November 24th, 2006 (09:01 pm)

Went to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia today with drydem...absolutely amazing. And I am pleased to note that of all the various indigenous people of Mexico, judging by their art, the ones in the Jalisco region seemed to lead the most happy lives. Of course, their could have been many happy Olmecs and Mexicas, and Nahuas and Mayans, but after rooms and rooms of pissed off plumed peoples, the room of the Chichamecs (sp?) who lived around Guadalajara was like a breath of fresh air...figurines of happy dogs with bones in their mouths, people dancing with babies and and warriors that looked more disgruntled than fierce. Their was even a statue of a guy smoking up.
Ah yes....and the public anthropology euphemism award goes to the "Indigenous cultures" Room with featured a large jar with very large very round very nipply breasts covering it. The exhibit was labeled "jar with Anthropomorphic features."

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So Incredibly HAPPY!

November 21st, 2006 (09:47 am)

For so many reasons! happy happy happy! Wheeee!

Went to the parade yesterday in honor of Revolution Day here. After watching approximately 65 million Catholic schools march with the marchy bands and bangy drums and morose saintly insiginias, I started getting confused which was which and have started refering to all of them as Our Lady of the Sacred Bloody Jesus Heart.

And I got a job! I will be an English teacher at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara for next semester, teaching three classes and earning sufficient money to live on here! Wheeeee!

My birthday is tommorrow and the phone is working again at my house to my famiy can call me. And I think my host mother is planning some sort of special dinner thing.

And yet, all this pales in comparison to my incredible weekend, heehee, I am all giddy but I think I will be a bit mysterious.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Oh and for the record...

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