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A Rose By Any Other Name... [userpic]

Staying course...

January 16th, 2007 (07:23 pm)

Been battling my own inner panic as the craziness of the first week of classes and job uncertainity abounds...but been getting wonderful support from home and from my wonderful new roomates.
Lilia took me to a club, I haven't done any actual clubbing...always wondered what they were like. Report: Just like a high school dance but wih people wearing less clothes and drinking more. Which is not to say it was bad. I actually liked high school dances. Man oh man though, way to feel underdressed and dowdy, go to a Mexican club. All the girls were totally in battle gear...gold heels and glittery eyes and perfume that entered the room a half an hour before they did. With the lights and the funky underwater feel, it was like drowning in Vogue.
I aslo got the whole experience of standing outside with my friends, waiting to see if the bouncer thought we were cute enough to enter...apparently we were not for the first club, but we got waved into the second.
The videos were wonderfully trippy and bizarre, all the MTV stuff mixed with all this current Latin American and Spanish stuff I hadn't see and then these random 80's videos from Mexico...wow. There was this great old school Paulina Rubio one where the entire plot seems to be her taking down the whole world with her sky high heels. At one point she actually knocks down a janitor, apparently he was evil.
Today I was invited by one of my fellow teachers to go out with some folks from work...he said that it was a very "fresa" (preppy, rich) club but he could get me in because he "knows a German." Which just sounds like the beginning of sketch comedy joke...