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Turbo Spanish and Telenovelas

January 9th, 2007 (08:43 pm)

Since I've decided to go home in April instead of August for various reasons I'm cranking up the intensity of my Spanish immersion. I have met Americans who have lived in Mexico for 10 years and still speak very broken Spanish and Americans who have been here for 6 months and speak very good Spanish...So quality over quantity is my goal...I'm trying to make almost all of my interpersonal interactions in Spanish.
I sound like an old fogey saying this, but with iPods and DVD players and all that it's really easy to stay in an English, not that I've been doing that purposely, but I have found it hard to integrate here, the basic unit of socializing for Mexico (in general) is the family, so if you have no family here, it's hard to get beyond superficial relationships. But my new roomies are really nice and are excited to show me around Guadalajara so I think some of the isolation of the last two months will change.
I've also started having random conversations with clerks at stores, I make up random errands to go on and talk a little to clerks in each store, most (especially the obviously bored ones) seem enthusiastic. today I learned how to say, "small cake" "membership" and "measure."
I watched part of a telenovela with my roomie today, so I also learned how to say, "You bitch!" "I'm engaged" and "suicide." And I am puzzling over whether Isabel Maria Teresa Alicia Fernanda Paulina Liliana Inez is pregnant with the priest's brother-in-law's child or was just having a really bad day. I will watch to next week to find out.


Posted by: daniel-san (danielmc)
Posted at: January 10th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)

April huh?
i'm betting there are some (other than meself), that are happy to hear that.

cool. enjoy!

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