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A Rose By Any Other Name... [userpic]

Getting Ready to Leave....

January 2nd, 2007 (10:36 pm)

So after a wonderful couple of weeks I'm getting ready to pack my bags for Mexico again. In the words of the Evil Duke of Moulin Rouge, it's a little funny, this feeling inside. I'm excited for more foreign adventure and language learning and teaching, but I'm beginning to have the semblance of a community here and it is very hard to leave that. And being away, though interesting, can be very lonely. And there is this great guy in my life with whom things keep getting better and better...so that's hard and makes me mopey too.
but it has been a good vacation overall,
I got to go to the fabulous Knightridge party in my Bollywood queen costume, which always makes me happy, as life does not present me with nearly enough opportunities to wear a salwar kameez. I got to hang out with lots of interesting folk and try raspberry beer for the first time and inadvertently reveal that I know all the words to "Baby Got Back." I spent New's Day on the couch, watching the A&E production of "The Adventures of Horatio Hornblower," from which I have concluded that a)Ioan Grufford is a very, very pretty man b) Horatio's sole battle strategy seems to be "I will attack Napoleon Bonaparte's troops impulsively, armed with no more than my sculpted cheekbones and British accent! And in doing so, will surely save the day!"
Ah well, onward for King and country. And pretty Welsh boys.
Other highlight of this vacation, got to teach a bellydance workshop at the Rise, which was way cool and there's a possibility they may ask me back this summer, which would be incredibly fun.
feyangel and several others were kind enough to let me hang out at their game on Tuesday, because I am being seduced, and I mean that literally, to the gamer side. It was fun, I spent the rest of the week hunting for non-pointy heels to buy for work but I haven't been able to find any, I can't wait for this stupid utlra pointy toe thing to go out of fashion. I have small, wide feet that cry at the very sight of those shoes...and how the hell can anyone stand for more than 10 minutes in those toothpick heels? We hates them, precious.


Posted by: daniel-san (danielmc)
Posted at: January 3rd, 2007 06:24 am (UTC)

your outfit was lovely, festive, and downright great...wish the lighting had shown it off more. ah the price of atmosphere!

if i do not see you before you take off, safe journey!

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