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Dinner Party leaves me with warm fuzzies

December 22nd, 2006 (11:18 pm)

I realized tonight washing my face that I want to have dinner parties. I want to invite my friends and interesting aquaintances to my house and cook things for them and give them wine or the beverage of their choice and have good conversations and laugh a lot and possibly do cool table settings (like maybe dishes I've collected from around the world) and really fun yummy meals and potlucks.
I feel a little embarrassed saying this, like it's this very stodgy thing to want to do...but I think dinner parties have gotten a bad rap from vision of harried housewives with underpaid help obsessing over proper alignment of the dessert fork. My parents tend to have and go to really fun dinenr parties, where people laugh and drink and tell ridiculous stories and talk about serious things and funny things and just about everything. And while my mom does have me do the proper table setting for more formal ones around Christmas, it's really just about eating with your friends...essentially trying to recreate the awesome conversations my Earlham friends and I had in Saga...except we all have to bring food now and clean up cuz we're grownups.
I love eating and I love talking to people and I guess, if I'm to think about it analytically, dinner parties are all about community building. I think I learned more about the world and became the person I am by listening to my parents friends and "family of choice" talk than from anything else. If I have kids of my own, or even just kids in my life, I want to them to have a wacky family of blodd and non-blood relatives like I did. I want them to have people in their lives that are kind and interesting and passionate and slightly off kilter...because I want those people in my life too. This particular holiday season has got me thinking about family a lot and all of the different families we surround ourselves with and how powerful the need is to create a family around you. I've been reconnecting with a a lot of friends lately and seeing relatives and hanging out with fictive kin and my mom so I've been around a lot of family, which I've missed the past few months. So yeah, not to be too after school special like, but I'm having the realization, once again, that even though all my families drive me nuts a lot of the time, I really do love them (though some I find easier to love from a distance)


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